What is Veltium Smart Chargers?

We are a Spanish company specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which is easy to install, available for everyone.

Electric cars on wheels to the future

Thanks to our experience, we have developed a system with the latest technology designed to optimize the charge of electric vehicles reducing electricity costs and allowing you to leverage your car any time. All this may be controlled personally from your own Smartphone because nobody knows your needs better than you.

Who is in Veltium Smart Charges?

Veltium Smart Charges is made up of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the industrial engineering sector and specialized in sustainable mobility.

From our design team to our customer service, including engineering, innovation, IT or administration, our commitment is to make the entire world available to the advantages of a more affordable and clean mobility, in short, more sustainable in the short, medium and long term.