About us

“True happiness is achieved when you learn to enjoy the simple things in life: popcorn, a song, a conversation, a friendship, a stroll, fresh air, a view… And to succeed, knowhow is always a bonus.

This is the history of a brand with experience and a clear-cut objective: to simplify life through innovation and development in the field of sustainable mobility. Removing problems. Reducing barriers.

Simplicity is the key to any challenge because the best solutions are always the simplest.”

What is VELTIUM?

We are a Spanish company with extensive experience in the sustainable mobility sector specialised in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of easy-to-install electric vehicle charging solutions for use by everyone. Thanks to our experience we have developed a system with the latest technology designed to optimally manage your electric vehicle charge, reduce the costs of your electricity consumption and make sure that you get the most out of your car at all times. All personally controlled from your own mobile phone, because nobody knows your needs better than yourself.

Electric mobility, riding into the future

The way we move is undergoing enormous transformation, and at VELTIUM we want to accompany you on the way. Thanks to our technology solutions you’ll be able to charge your electric vehicle simply, yet without relinquishing control of your charges using our digital features.

Who are VELTIUM?

VELTIUM has 4 partners with extensive experience in sectors including energy, telecommunications, industrial design and production. Accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, we work to the commitment of offering our clients the technology solutions they need in their transition towards more ecological, sustainable and economic mobility.

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