Our mind-set makes us different and our customer commitment requires us to develop the most advanced charge station in its class.

We make a difference


Our customer orientation brings us to achieve the maximum quality/ price ratio on the market.
Savings for everyone.

Easy installation

Our mission is to facilitate the life of our customers from the time our products are acquired.Here and now is the time.

Ease of use

Simple handling from your own Smartphone with a single click.
Recharge and drive!

Maximum security

The strict security and encryption mechanisms make our recharging points the most advanced in their category.Your security, our greatest guarantee.

Compatible with all vehicles

Our devices are universal, compatible with all plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles on the market. You choose!

Set up and control from your Smartphone

Thanks to its Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection you can plan your needs and consult your history on your mobile device from anywhere. Mobility is an intrinsic quality of freedom.

The benefits of sustainable mobility now available 

to everyone at reduced costs.