Through the VELTIUM App, users can interact with their chargers. Control, information and smart management of the charger in one hand.

Highlighted features

Lock Control: Select how you want to control who can access and use each charger.

Free: This is the easiest way, simply plug in and get charging.

Proximity: The user only has to approach the charger, which will unlock simply with their presence.

Manual: The user must manually unlock the charger (from the App) every time they want to start charging.

Charge control: Sends immediate orders to start or end charging, and to adjust the maximum power. In addition, it displays real-time information about the recharge in progress, such as start time, energy charged and power at each instant.

Charge planner: Allows you to define the vehicle charging schedules, programming the days and times of the week when the charger starts charging, as well as the maximum power for each period.

Log and statistics: Consult graphic and numerical information on the charges made by the charger.

Smart charge management: Regulate the electric vehicle charge according to the other kinds of domestic consumption as well as the photovoltaic power generation, to optimise energy and save money on your electricity bills.

The simplest solution for your home!

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