Current meter

The domestic current meter is the accessory which allows the dynamic charge
balance and allows for optimizing the electrical consumption in your home.

It instantaneously adapts the charge of the vehicle to make it as quick as possible.


easy installation

Its installation is performed in a simple and easy way. To use the function, configures the contracted power from the App

Dynamic balance

The dynamic charge balance allows for optimization of the electrical consumption in your home.

Charge adjustment

If the consumption of the house varies, the charger adjusts the vehicle charging speed to make it as fast as possible.

Efficient dynamic charge

It installs the sensor, configures from the App how much is the power of your contract, and your charger is responsible for dynamically adjusting the vehicle’s charge, reducing it if your consumption is increased in the house (washing machine, oven, lights) or reducing it if you reduce (during the night, for example).

Carga dinámica eficiente

Instala el sensor, configura desde la App cuánta es la
potencia de tu contrato, y tu cargador se encarga de ajustar
dinámicamente la carga del vehículo, disminuyéndola
si aumenta tu consumo en casa (lavadora, horno, luces)
o reduciéndola si lo reduces (durante la noche, por ejemplo).

Always take the maximum power available

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