Discover the POINT range - Charging solutions for business and public environments

Different models and options

Three different models and multiple optional features to suit different needs.

  • 1 or 2 connectors per model
  • Single-phase or three-phase power supply
  • Socket with or without shutter, or integrated spiral charging
  • Wall or floor mounting
  • With or without colour touch display
Robust and reliable

Prepared for optimum performance even in the most demanding conditions, with IP54, IK10 and operating temperatures up to 50 °C.
Built to vandal-resistant standards.

Remote management of the charger

Double configuration option of the management platform:

  • OCPP 1.6 J, for integration with any charge point management system.
  • by VELTIUM
Always connected, always available

Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G Modem are integrated as standard to ensure constant communication.

The best user interface

Through its RFID reader, Bluetooth communication and colour touch display, the best user experience is facilitated.
In addition, it has a multi-colour LED indicator at each socket to show the charging status.

Smart charging

Integrated MID meter to ensure accurate energy metering for billing.
Static and dynamic load balancing to optimise the use of available power.

Outstanding features

When technology, design and functionality meet

POINT chargers are not only technologically advanced, they also have many aesthetic and functional features that guarantee the best user experience, reliability and ease of installation and maintenance.

Colour touch display

Optimises the user experience and allows customisation.

Multi-colour status LED

Ensuring constant monitoring of the recharge.

RFID card reader and Bluetooth

Controls access to the charger and user identification.

Reliable and resistant

Ensures operation in the most demanding weather conditions and temperature ranges.

Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G Modem

Guarantees the equipment’s communications in all circumstances.

Vandal resistant paint

Protects equipment against graffiti, dirt and contamination.

Opening sensor

Warns of any unwanted opening of the equipment.

Connected and scalable collective installations

Power control

Collective installations may require control of the load of each vehicle depending on the characteristics of the installation and the consumption of the site at any given time. POINT chargers make it possible to manage the load individually, ensuring optimisation of the total power available for the whole group of chargers, resulting in savings in the installation and in the electricity supply contract.

How does power control work in collective installations? There are two modes: Static control and Dynamic control.

Static control:

The set of chargers optimises the distribution of a certain power set in the configuration of the group, depending on the individual consumption of each unit.

Dynamic control:

The set of chargers optimises the distribution of the power available at any given moment depending on the individual consumption of each unit, the rest of the consumption of the site, the production of the generation systems (solar panels) and the contracted power at the site.


The POINT range guarantees communications with its management platform for all the equipment in the same site connected to each other through any of them. Its advanced local network communications system minimises the cost of the communications installation and provides maximum flexibility in a simple way and without the need for complex configurations.


The group system of the POINT range allows the size of installations to be scaled, adding equipment at any time, and matching growth and investment to evolving needs. And each new piece of equipment added will immediately benefit from the advantages of operating in a group from the point of view of power control and communications at that site.

Smart charging for your business

The POINT range stands out for its versatility and adaptability to all cases of use, being able to be installed in a wide range of locations and configurations, which makes them an ideal choice for different environments.





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