Lite Uno

Control the charge no matter where you are!

This charger, which maintains all the features and functionalities of its younger sibling, LITE Zero, also connects to the Internet (by Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 4G) and can be remotely controlled from anywhere at any time using the mobile device.

Lite Uno
Main features

Voltage: AC 230 V

Maximum power: 7.4 kW (single-phase 32 A, adjustable 6-32 A)

Charging standard: Mode 3

Installation: Indoor/Outdoor

User interface: Multicolour LED indicator, VELTIUM App and Customer Area at

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2xEthernet, 4G (optional)


Customise your charger by choosing your favourite colour, the right connector for your vehicle, and the charging cable length best suited to your needs.

Download the LITE Uno data sheet

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