The REARM device is intended for use in the charging installations of residents’ garages, when supplied by the same meter as the house (diagram 2 of the ITC BT 52 instruction of the Electro-technical Low Voltage Regulation). Its purpose, in the event of activating the meter power control function, is to enable the rearm function directly from the house as required by the regulation, thereby removing the need for bothersome journeys back and forth between the meter room and the garage.

How does it work?

In the event of activating the meter power control function, the REARM device detects the lack of power supply and isolates the charge circuit from the meter. When the user turns on the General Switch on their home control panel, the meter detects that there is no consumption in any of the circuits and re-establishes the service. The REARM device immediately detects that the electricity supply has been restored and connects the charge circuit, enabling the vehicle to continue charging.

Where and how is the REARM device installed?

The REARM device should simply be installed on the DIN rail (with a width of 4 modules) of the charger protection panel, and always before the surge protector.

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